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WF Cameroon Cleans Up 8 April , 2013

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This month, WF Cameroon helped to clean an orphanage. The main projects were clearing the overgrown grass surrounding the orphanage, scrubbing and disinfecting the toilet, washing the childrens’ dresses, and disinfecting the orphanage with better cleaning chemicals than the orphanage had at hand.

Here are our volunteers hard at work and play with the children of the orphanage:

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Interfaith Appalacia relaunches and recruits! 3 April , 2013

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Interfaith Appalachia is relaunching on May 29, 2013! Their new name will be Project CALL: Community Achievement, Learning and Leadership. They will still work to foster multicultural collaboration and leadership development, bridging diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Project CALL will continue to offer 2-3 Interfaith Appalachia Alternative Breaks per year, although their focus will become Community Leadership Intensives in summer. These will draw together students from central Appalachia and greater Boston/the northeast.

The first Community Leadership Intensive will take place in July 2013, and is an opportunity to serve and learn amongst a diverse group of up to 12 students from both Harlan County, Kentucky (and neighboring areas), and from greater Boston. Participants will volunteer together with urban and rural community agriculture projects, build a strong sense of team, and learn from one another’s backgrounds; they will live together, eat together, serve and learn together, and prepare to re-enter their home communities with a deepened understanding of how to advance pluralism and community development. Applications will be announced in early April, 2013, and are open to high school students. Financial aid will be available, and admissions need-blind. Please email with any questions, comments, or suggestions.


Pictures from World Faith Gambia 31 October , 2012

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Updates from World Faith Tanzania – Visit to Neema Baptist Church 5 September , 2012

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The community of the Neema Baptist Church lives in a marginalized semi-arid rural area suffering from absolute poverty.  World Faith Tanzania conducted a one-day capacity building workshop identifying the available resources and opportunities in order to improve the community’s vulnerable living conditions.

The participants main goal was to improve their housing conditions. Most of the houses are made of straw walls and roofs which leak  during the rainy season. The aim is to build houses with tin roofs and wooden walls to protect the residents against the rain.


Christian Muslim Forum – Christians and Muslims Working Together 4 September , 2012

Interfaith Youth in Action/World Faith Pakistan became part of the Christian Muslim Forum network. TheChristian Muslim Forum develops strong relationships between Christians and Muslims and believes that faith is a resource for peace and conflict resolution. This is an important step to strengthen World Faith Pakistan’s international interfaith network and to demonstrate how faith can inform work for unity and peace.

Find out more about World Faith Pakistan and there work here:


The COOLEST and MOST EXPENSIVE Shirt You Will Ever Buy 30 August , 2012

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Update from World Faith Uganda – Dental Clinic 16 August , 2012

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The “Buganda Youth Council / World Faith Uganda Dental Clinic” opened its doors in July 2012. The Dental Clinic aims at providing youth with affordable dental health care. Patients only pay a small amount of money needed to maintain the equipment, pay the rent, and guarantee the sustainability of the project.

The Dental Clinic is managed by Richard Kabanda, a professional dentist and board member of the Buganda Youth Council. A young member of the Buganda Youth Council who is in his last year of dental medicine at Mulago Dental School assists him in his work.

With the assistance of the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Health and thanks to our own savings we could afford a dental chair as well as the most important medical equipment. Our goal is to fully equip our clinic within the next months in order to offer the best service possible to our patients.

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Updates from Chicago – Wings for Tomorrow 7 August , 2012

Refugee Assistance Programs (RAP), a 100% volunteer run, Chapter of World Faith (, a 501c3, has helped Chicago’s refugees “learn to fish” since 2004.

From seed money for a sewing & baking co-op run by Iraqi refugee widows to payments for truck driving lessons & educational certifications, RAP puts Chicago’s refugees of all faiths back on their feet with funding raised  soley at the grassroots.

RAP ( this Ramadan, raised over 1000 toys for refugees at a Toy Drive with 300+ attendees and 50 volunteers ages 8 and up.

Just as RAP is honored to bring a smile to a child’s face, it is committed to providing wings not crutches to families. Adel Abood, recipient of the 1st Annual Refugee Assistance Programs “Wings of Courage Award” – 2011, doesn’t talk about life in Iraq. He’s focused on building a life for his wife and two pre-schoolers here in America.  A doctor in Iraq, Adel was eager to begin the process of getting his medical license. Early on, his family just needed to survive, which meant he needed to get a job. Any job. “I want to be a doctor again. To work hard and support my family. I don’t need to be rich. I just want to be able to pay my bills.”

It took some time, but eventually he found Refugee Assistance Programs, who financed some of the exams and books required for medical recertification. Adel, today, is a resident at a Chicago hospital.  “Are there families I can help? Please let me know,” he asks.

As the sole breadwinner for his wife, three children and mother-in-law, Duraid, once a Computer Scientist in Iraq, and a refugee in Chicago since 2008, worked a number of odd jobs, until he was injured at work.

When he approached RAP, they paid for his driving lessons for semi-trucks and subsequently the license. Today, Duraid supports his family in America and his loved ones back in Iraq too.  In 2012, Durraid became the second recipient of the RAP ‘Wings of Courage Award’.

Fatima Hindi, a widow and mother to a pre-schooler who never knew if she could pay the rent each month, is an inspiration to us all. She has used RAP donations to create a co-operative with other refugee women.  They now sell their sewing on and their baking at local ethnic stores.  She can be reached at
As Americans and as Muslims, RAP is proud to strengthen the fabric of this nation, and Chicago, each day. It’s Board is comprised of co-founders Kiran Ansari, Aliya Husain, Naazish YarKhan and Thamreen Siddiqui. The board welcomes Madiha Haroon.

Your zakat makes a difference. Please support our efforts and Refugee Assistance Programs Thank you.

Update from World Faith Kenya 3 August , 2012

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Thanks to the support of the Swanland Education Africa Trust World Faith Kenya was able to distribute new pullovers among schoolkids. Looks great!


Updates from World Faith Kenya 1 August , 2012

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These are pictures from World Faith Kenya’s community farm project. The project aims at empowering women economically by offering them a source to earn their livelihood.