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Christian Muslim Forum – Christians and Muslims Working Together 4 September , 2012

Interfaith Youth in Action/World Faith Pakistan became part of the Christian Muslim Forum network. TheChristian Muslim Forum develops strong relationships between Christians and Muslims and believes that faith is a resource for peace and conflict resolution. This is an important step to strengthen World Faith Pakistan’s international interfaith network and to demonstrate how faith can inform work for unity and peace.

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Second Interfaith Youth Iftar Pakistan 15 August , 2012

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On August 11, 2012, Interfaith Youth in Action / World Faith Pakistan organized its second Interfaith Youth Iftar. More than 50 young leaders from different faith groups from across Lahore and the surrounding areas broke the fast together and pleasant evening.
The main purpose of this Iftar was to offer religiously-diverse youth a platform to get to know each other and to develop friendships. Events like this aim at fostering inter-religious understanding, reconciliation, and peace between Pakistan’s different faith groups.
“This is the second time I am participating in a IYA/WFP activity. It is inspiring to make friends with people form other faith traditions and it helps me to get rid of my misunderstandings about other religions.” (Mr. Hanif Hunzie, Training Officer in PTCL)
“We are living in isolation. These kind of projects help us to build a more tolerant society based on the values of peace and harmony.” (Ms. Anila Noor, Project Manager)
But the event was not without hitches.
“Many Muslims declined our offer after they learned that the Iftar would be held in a church,” explained Shahid Ghouri, President of Interfaith Youth in Action / World Faith Pakistan. “Some people don’t want to eat meals prepared in a church .”
However, the second Interfaith Iftar was a huge success! It brought together youth from diverse backgrounds and gave them the opportunity to learn about each other’s unique customs, traditions, and beliefs. We look forward to our third Interfaith Iftar in 2013!

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Pictures from Pakistan. The Women Adult Education Center 13 June , 2012

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Muslim and Christian Leaders Pledge Interfaith Harmony 11 August , 2011

Besides condemning violence, the Christian-Muslim Covenant of Non Violence in Pakistan urges signatories to actively tackle the root of religious tension and promote interfaith harmony.

The pledge, which has already attracted the high profile backing of Senator Malik Hakmeen Khan and General Secretary of the Human Rights Commission IA Rehman, calls for Christians and Muslims to work together ‘to bring prosperity to the country for all’.

Signatures are being sought from religious leaders and public figures, as well as members of the public looking to register their support for non-violence.




Inter-cultural Leadership Training at YLC 5 July , 2011

Karachi—On the third day of the week-long Young Leaders Conference (YLC) 2011 here on Sunday the participants focused on “Inter-cultural Leadership.” The organisers said that this was aimed at creating an understanding of differences and similarities among the human race.

The chief guest for the day was Raza Haroon, a member of the Sindh Assembly. He spoke about the wealth of diversity we are enriched with in Pakistan and when we look beyond, the many cultures of the world we can respect and learn from these.




Islam is a Religion of Peace: Zardari 24 May , 2011

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London, May 23(ANI): Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has said Islam is a religion of peace and tranquillity as opposed to terrorism and friction.

Speaking at the Syeda Fatima (S.A) Interfaith Conference at the House of Lords here, Zardari said such events project Islam as a peaceful religion.

“It gives me immense pleasure that Imam Hussain Council arranged an Interfaith Conference in recognition of Hazrat Fatima Tu-Zahra (S.A). The daughter of our Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is a distinguished personality of the Muslim world. She is a shining moral example for all the women across the globe. Her life, her teachings, her mannerisms and even her authority over her father, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a precedent for us to follow even today,” The Nation quoted Zardari, as saying.



Pictures from the Women Adult Education Center in Pakistan 19 May , 2011

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