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Ongoing Conversation Seeks to Tear Down Walls, Build Relationships 14 July , 2011

A 10-year-old interfaith dialogue between Mennonite and Muslim scholars – held in Canada and Iran over the years – continued in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) in early June.

The dialogue, hosted by Canadian Mennonite University (CMU), Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), and co-hosted by Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) and Conrad Grebel University was the fifth of its kind and brought together Shi’a Muslim scholars from the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute (IKERI) in Qom, Iran and Mennonite scholars from Canada and the U.S.

“These dialogues provide a safe place for academics and theologians to speak frankly about their beliefs without ignoring important differences,” said David Shenk, a global consultant with Eastern Mennonite Missions, Salunga, Pennsylvania, who has participated in all of the conferences.




From CNN Belief Blog: My Take: Egypt 2011 is Not Iran 1979 by Stephen Prothero 2 February , 2011

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Americans are understandably both manic and depressed about recent developments in Egypt. The mania comes from 1776 and our own history of casting off a Pharaoh in the name of freedom. The depression comes compliments of 1979 and Iran, which saw populist street protests against a pro-American dictator co-opted into an Islamic Republic deeply hostile to the West.

And there are parallels between Iran back then and Egypt today. Both are large countries with sizeable, largely Islamic populations. And the leading opposition party in Egypt is the Muslim Brotherhood.

But Arab Egypt is not Persian Iran, for the following four reasons: