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World Faith Event with Women for Afghan Women (PICTURES) 29 June , 2011

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National Scene: Youths Hold Interfaith Event for Peace 28 June , 2011

JAKARTA: Young people from the Indonesian Young Muslim Club, the youth wing of the International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) held an interfaith workshop for students that ended on Monday in Bogor, West Java.

Program coordinator Miftahul Huda said recent surveys reporting that students were vulnerable to radical groups recruitment had given them the idea to hold the workshop.

“It is time for students to get involved in peace issues,” Miftahul said in a press release made available Monday. “We don’t expect the workshop to result in conflict resolution, but at least we hope we can contribute to conflict prevention.



Interfaith event focuses on performing good deeds 23 May , 2011

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Some spruced up parks and worked in gardens.

They cleaned up playgrounds and made blankets for the homeless.

Others sorted food for the hungry or visited with elderly at a nursing home.

More than 300 local volunteers spread out across the area on Sunday to do a little good — and make a statement, too.

The volunteers were Muslims, Christians and Jews taking part in Mitzvah Day, an annual interfaith event started 10 years ago as a way to give back to the community while forging a better understanding among people from the three religions.

“Ten years later, there’s even more need for this,” said Rabbi Laurie Green from Temple Beth Zion.



12 Institutions to Participate in Sunday’s Interfaith Walk 11 May , 2011

Whether shopping around for a religion or just looking to learn about a different faith, Northbrook residents will be able to learn about the wide world of spirituality this weekend during the annual Interfaith Walk.

This year’s event, sponsored by the Northbrook Clergy Association and the village’s Community Relations Commission, will include a dozen local houses of worship that will offer games and educational activities to visitors, according to the village.



PFLAG Interfaith Convocation 4 May , 2011

Why? Do we really need it? Do we get anything from it? Does it create more jobs? Does it help the economy? Does it bring our troops home?

The truth is, the PFLAG Interfaith Convocation may indeed help with all of these issues and many more. The purpose of the convocation is to bring people together — to put aside our petty differences and act with one voice to make this world a better place.

We use a line from the Bible as our theme: “Behold how good and pleasant it is for people to dwell together in unity.” And as we have seen in the past three convocations, it is more than pleasant; it is inspiring.



Educating the Masses at the Interfaith Green Fair

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The Interfaith Green Fair, an event intended to educate the public about various environmental issues, took place on Sunday in Germantown. Community members gathered Sunday for the second annual event to attend workshops and find out about resources to help green their homes and neighborhoods.

The fair, which was held at Germantown Friends Meeting, was presented in partnership with many other churches and religious institutions, as well as Weavers Way Co-op. The afternoon event was jam-packed with presentations, information tables and a performance event by David and Bill Mettler, who call themselves the Quiet Riot storytellers.



Interfaith Cultural Celebration in Sydney 7 April , 2011

The Chapel by the Sea Uniting Church, Bondi Beach will be the venue for a unique cultural celebration of differing faiths, Saturday 16th April. Four different faiths will be represented, Hinduism, Islam, Baha’i and Australian Aboriginal. The Chapel minister the Rev John Queripel commented, ‘this is the first of these events where the idea is to take different faiths and allow people to experience their cultural expressions, through music, song, dance or chant. While it is easy enough to read of different faiths it is not often that people have the opportunity to experience the expression of those faiths. Of course most of these faiths are so wide ranging that we can only touch one part of them, but with future celebrations we will come back to them and touch other parts of their diversity’