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Back to School – Updated from World Faith Gambia 20 September , 2012

Each year, World Faith Gambia and the teachers of the Mango Tree Nursery School organize a party full of food, drinks, music, and dancing to welcome the new students and to say goodbye to those leaving the school. Children, teachers, and volunteers went from house to house, singing songs and collecting small donations for the upcoming school year.

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World Faith Pakistan on the Culture of Peace News Network 17 September , 2012

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Greetings from Lahore, Pakistan!! Interfaith Youth in Action (IYA), a network of diverse faith youth and a project of Youth Development Foundation (YDF) with Separate leadership and local chapter of World Faith USA, is a non-profit, non-government and secular organization led by young people from diverse faiths and backgrounds in Pakistan. IYA serves as a network of diverse youth to promote pluralism and mutual respect for religious diversity and bridge building among youth of different faiths through interfaith dialogues, friendly relationship and human based coexistent.


Our purpose is to provide opportunity and safe spaces for the youth of each faith to come together to build understanding, reduce misconceptions and develop healthy relationship through social activities, exposures visits, interfaith celebrations, sports gathering and community service activities to promote interfaith dialogues and relationship building by interaction and practical action for peace and harmony in Pakistani context.

We have been implementing our various peace advocacy projects mainly in post conflicts areas like Lahore, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi; Solidarity has been one of the focal themes in promoting and advocating peace as a way of life.

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Joplin’s Eid Gift 31 August , 2012

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By Randa Kuziez

When Ramadan began, I called my sister and said, “This year, I want to feel like I really earned Eid!” Eid is the Muslim holiday following Ramadan, the holy month of fasting from dawn to sunset daily. She assured me that with the 16 hour fast in Kansas this summer, that wouldn’t be a problem. For a Muslim in Ramadan, this means fasting the entire month, but also increasing one’s worship and good actions, such as reading the entire Quran, praying the daily Taraweeh prayer (an extra prayer in Ramadan that takes about 2 hours every evening), and giving much in charity, be it money, time, or even a smile.

Aside from spiritually enriching ourselves, we need to step up to challenges as they arise. From the tragic shooting at the Sikh Gurdwara in Wisconsin to the burning of the Joplin mosque, we knew we needed to come together. We often discuss the importance of interfaith cooperation and this was a clear example of necessary action.

The day of the Joplin incident, I received a call from a friend who had read a blog I wrote about my visit to Joplin after the devastating 2011 tornado. I wrote about how the Islamic Center of Joplin hosted volunteers who came to do relief work.



The COOLEST and MOST EXPENSIVE Shirt You Will Ever Buy 30 August , 2012

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Faith Inspires: World Faith Demonstrates How Religion Can Work For Peace 22 June , 2012

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This week’s Faith Inspires highlights World Faith, an NGO whose mission is to “counter religious extremism and strife by demonstrating how faith can inform work for unity and peace, rather than hate, war, and division.”

Frank Fredericks, World Faith’s founder and executive director, founded the organization in New York City after seeing first-hand the human cost of religious conflict in Egypt and Lebanon. Noticing that it was primarily young people who were the perpetrators and victims of violence, Frank wanted to promote interfaith cooperation by “mobilizing religiously-diverse young people to serve their communities in local development projects.” The result: World Faith. World Faith believes in “dialogue through action” and today their projects range from women’s empowerment, education, and HIV/AIDS sensitization to economic justice, peace-building, and environmental issues.

Originally founded as a campus club at New York University in 2006, World Faith has grown tremendously in the last six years. World Faith has taken a grassroots approach, and formed partnerships with local NGOs in South Asia, Middle East, Africa and around the United States. As of now, it has 17 chapters in 14 countries. In 2011, more than 500 activists volunteered over 16,000 hours in 10 countries and impacted the lives of over 50,000.

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New York Faith Community and Sikhs of Kenya: A Partnership Is Born 1 June , 2012

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Naomi Teutsch

On June 6, 2012, New Yorkers of all faiths will come together to support the Kenyan Sikh community’s efforts to fight the famine that has devastated their region since last summer. Hunger, an issue that cuts across all faiths, is a natural point of connection for the 10 NYC congregations that have been collaborating to fight global injustice since March as part of the Spring of Solidarity campaign. And it’s not too late to take part.

A Season of Multi-Faith Action

Communities and individuals across NYC have been working together not only to have impact on issues of global health and hunger, but to show the positive power that people of faith can have when they unite around action rather than debating divisive issues.

Through the process of raising funds, getting educated on issues and doing local service, participants have had the opportunity to build relationships with people of other faiths as they work to fight against two injustices of our time, food insecurity and malaria. From congregation-based activism and social justice-themed book discussions to an interfaith youth debate programin Queens, the Spring of Solidarity has been a busy season of collective action from diverse groups all over New York City.



World Faith NYC Day of Interfaith Youth Service 2012 8 May , 2012

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On April 21, World Faith NYC brought together enthusiastic volunteers for the Day of Interfaith Youth Service 2012. We got our hands dirty doing gardening at the Harlem Success Community Garden. Within four hours we layed out a composting site, cleaned vegetable patches, and planted a whole flowerbed. The garden is used by the schoolchildren of P.S. 175 to learn about gardening, nutrition, and the environment.

A big thanks to the members of Harlem Growth who made this event possible!

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Mustafa Abdullah on Story Line 11 April , 2012

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Mustafa Abdullah talks with Miranda Kingsley Kelly.  Mustafa is Egyptian-American and President of World Faith Winston-Salem, a multi-faith organization.  Mustafa reflects on his experience as a Muslim-American living in a post-9/11 world and discusses his motivations to help shape the community consciousness regarding world religion.


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Day of Interfaith Youth Service 2012 10 April , 2012

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Please join us for the 6th annual Day of Interfaith Youth Service and help us transform an abondoned community garden into a small farm for inner-city students.

We will be doing gardening and other tasks for the Harlem Success Community Garden. We are happy to be working with our partners from Harlem Grown, and to continue last year´s great work!

All are welcome! Please be dressed for getting dirty!

Saturday, April 21, 2012 – 11 am to 2 pm

Harlem Success Community Garden, 134th ST, between Lenox Ave and Adam Clayton Powell BLVD, Harlem, NYC

To join our event visit:


Interfaith Leadership Institutes (ILIs) are coming to Chicago and Philadelphia this summer 28 February , 2012

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Interfaith Leadership Institutes (ILIs) are coming to Chicago and Philadelphia this summer, and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word.

ILIs are four-day intensive workshops that equip college students and their faculty and staff allies to be movement builders for interfaith action. Attendees learn valuable skills and gain resources to transform their campuses by participating in the Better Together campaign.

Delegations from across the country are applying now to join us for the next ILIs at:


DePaul University, Chicago, IL – June 18th to 21st


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA – July 16th  to 19th

Early Bird deadline:  March 26

(Early birds save $50 and find out if they’re accepted within two weeks!)

Final deadline:  April 16


ILI participants join us for powerful training, relationship building, and inspiration. Students learn to organize the Better Together campaign on campus to:

  •  Mobilize large numbers of students to voice their values, engage with others, and act together;
  • Change campus by raising the volume on interfaith cooperation; and
  • Grow as leaders, building skills for campus work and beyond.

Staff and faculty allies support their students’ learning and have the opportunity to plug into and learn from a national network of campus leaders who are committed to making interfaith cooperation a reality.

Make sure you check out the Summer 2012 ILIs on Facebook.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Or, send us an email at

For more information, go to

Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC)