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Demolition of Kidwai Nagar Slum, New Delhi 18 June , 2012

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The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) demolished 25-30 shelters in the slum of Kidwai Nagar. World Faith India managed to call a hold to the demolition presenting an official court order asking the MCD to leave the slum.


World Environment Day 2012 Rajasthan, India 12 June , 2012

Chak Ramnagar village: Three women self-help groups including 65 women work on different issues concerning the village development. With the formal introduction of World Faith Rajasthan in May 2012, the village women focused on mobilizing people of all sects and castes to support their work. In the morning hours of the May 23, 2012, 25 women started to remove plastic bags from the village in order to make the village plastic-free. They cleaned the village and the water sources from thrown away plastic bags and managed to mobilize a great number of villagers, especially women, to join them in their efforts.

Ramnagar village: World Faith Rajasthan organized a meeting to bring together all the sects residing in the village to resolve the water and other socio-environmental problems of the village. The meetings was an interactive dialogue session lead by Dr. (Mr.) Satya Prakash Mehra and Dr. (Mrs.) Sarita Mehra along with the local community leaders focusing on the positive impact interfaith collaboration can make when working on solving the village’s water problem.


News from Rajasthan, India 5 June , 2012

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Pictures from World Faith Rajasthan’s water project “One Source – One Community”.


World Faith Announces New Chapter in Rajasthan, India 25 May , 2012

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We are excited to welcome our second chapter in India, World Faith Rajasthan – Rajputana Society of Natural History (“RSNH”). Under the leadership of Dr. Satya Prakash Mehra, Regional Director of World Faith Rajasthan, RSNH seeks to improve the water conditions in rural areas through the water project “One Source – One community”. The project aims at bringing the diverse sects from the target area together to work on a common mission – solving the water supply problem in their villages. The RSNH team organizes and carries out activities on water issues, including all sects and castes of the region, and encouraging community leaders to build one strong and united community.

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World Faith India Steps Up 7 November , 2011

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World Faith India is very active in a region called Okhla, where a local slum has recently been devastated by fire. 2 people were killed and 6 were seriously injured. A team from WFI was the first to reach the area and begin relief work, and their presence helped to save lives by setting up tents, organizing medical camps for the affected people, and providing two meals daily to 120 victims.

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This is a perfect example of the kind of work that happens in World Faith chapters all over the world–members stepping up in humanitarian crises.


Interfaith News Brief August 2011 2 August , 2011

Dhaka: International interfaith workshop in Bangladesh affirms diversity 

Twenty-four participants and six facilitators from Nine countries gathered at the YMCA Training Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from July 9 to 24, 2011, for the interfaith workshop, “Dialogue in Diversity” hosted by the National Council of YMCAs of Bangladesh and conducted by Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF), a joint program of the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY) in Hong Kong and the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The participants included Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians from Cambodia, India, Laos, Pakistan and Thailand as well as Bangladesh. For the first time, an ICF program also included people from outside of Asia as seven participants from the YMCA in England took part as increasingly people of different faiths are finding themselves living in the same community, such as in Bradford.

On 9 July opening programme was chaired by Mr. Babu Markus Gomes, President of the National Council of YMCAs of Bangladesh and Father Benjamin Costa, CSC, Principal of the Notre Dame College was present as a chef guest. Max Ediger, Bruce Van Voorhis from ICF and Jose Varghese from APAY were attended as organizers. In the concluding ceremony Kohei Yamada, General Secretary of the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY) attended as a Chief Guest.




Working Towards a State of Peace 4 May , 2011

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An army of 5,000 messengers is fanning out all over Nagaland to set up a “culture of peace”.

The messengers – school and college students, teachers and civil society leaders – are part of the ‘Peace Channel’ pioneered by Father C. P. Anto.

“The Peace Channel is a new attempt to educate young people in peace and human rights,” says Father Mathew Thuniampral, who directs Kohima diocese’s Education Commission