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World Faith in Huffington Post: Youthless Churches and the Arab Spring, A Generation of Ideas, not Idealogy 29 September , 2011

Lately, while engaged in my work as an interfaith activist, I found myself engaging in another type of dialogue: a conversation of generational differences. At times, it seems that religious leaders haven’t quite wrapped their heads around the thoughts and actions of religious millennials. Whether discussing the Arab Spring, or the lack of youth in American churches, it comes down to one defining characteristic of millennials: We are not an ideological generation… READ MORE


World Faith Noted for Social Media on Huffington Post Religion 31 May , 2011

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World Faith has been recognized on Huffington Post Religion for its interfaith social media work. To read more please click here


Announcing Religious Freedom USA 3 August , 2010

We are happy to announce the launch of a new initiative called Religious Freedom USA.  RFUSA is a campaign to protect the heritage of religious freedom in America.  Namely, we are address the mounting concerns around Park51, the proposed Muslim community center in Lower Manhattan.  See the story in the Huffington Post, and please be sure to sign the petition.  We are looking for people to make videos of support, and aiming to get campus groups involved.  Please contact us for more information.


Correction on the Huffington Post Article 13 April , 2010

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To those who recently read my blog post on the Huffington Post, I stated that,

Pat Robertson called the Haitian earthquake God’s judgment on the nation he claimed “made a pact with the Devil.”

I soon after received a call from Pat Robertson’s publicist, Chris Roslan, called me and asked I correct in inaccuracy in my article.  He told me that Robertson never actually said that it was God’s judgement, but “a curse.”  After going back to the footage I found of Pat Robertson making his infamous quote, I found that Mr. Roslan was in fact right.  While I consider this mere semantics that do not detract from the greater issues I present, I want to be  accurate in my quotes and information.  I have been invited to write more for the Huffington Post, and I think that I may make my next article a follow-up based on the responses I received from the first post.


Huffington Post: Who Would Jesus Hate? 9 April , 2010

I had the opportunity to contribute to the Huffington Post’s Religion section today as a guest blogger.  Feel free to read my article Who Would Jesus Hate?