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A Practical Guide for Engaging Evangelicals in Interfaith Work 8 August , 2011

In conversations at the Interfaith Youth Core’s Interfaith Leadership Institute in Washington D.C. this week I encountered several interfaith leaders – both college students and staff – who struggle with engaging the evangelical communities on their campus. I hope this will serve as a practical guide for interfaith leaders in similar situations.

I frequently encounter students, staff, and faculty involved in interfaith work who struggle to involve evangelical students in the interfaith movement. While there’s no hard and fast answer, here is a practical guide from an evangelical about evangelicals, hoping to bolster evangelical participation in the interfaith movement.



Washington Post On Faith: Nick Price 12 January , 2011

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However, as the morning progressed a problem arose. When discussing the challenges of interfaith work a Christian participant shared that the biggest problem he faced was including the conservative members of his own tradition in the interfaith movement. The other participants quickly echoed this frustration with words like “evangelicals” and “fundamentalists” punctuating their statements of exasperation and disdain. Eventually it was my turn to share and I made the confession that brought the earlier concerns a little closer to home. “My name is Nick Price and I am an evangelical Christian.” READ MORE


Bob Roberts On Faith: How can Muslims and Evangelicals Work Together? 6 January , 2011

If working across various faith and national lines has taught me anything in the last fifteen years, it’s that we really don’t know each other like we think we do.

There is a real problem with merely reading and hearing lectures – it is outside the context of real people and everyday life. I was once visiting with Grand Mufti Ceric Mustafa of Bosnia and I made the comment, “All this talk seems to lead nowhere, instead we should focus on how we can serve people together.” He chimed in that he had been in talks for 60 years and had very little to show for it.  READ MORE