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Back to School – Updated from World Faith Gambia 20 September , 2012

Each year, World Faith Gambia and the teachers of the Mango Tree Nursery School organize a party full of food, drinks, music, and dancing to welcome the new students and to say goodbye to those leaving the school. Children, teachers, and volunteers went from house to house, singing songs and collecting small donations for the upcoming school year.

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Update from World Faith Kenya 3 August , 2012

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Thanks to the support of the Swanland Education Africa Trust World Faith Kenya was able to distribute new pullovers among schoolkids. Looks great!


NEW scholarships to Global Scholar for DC-based students! Act now! 27 June , 2012

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Global Scholar is an intensive two-week academic enrichment program that cultivates young global leaders who both understand global challenges and have the skills to build a more peaceful, healthy, just and sustainable world. Program highlights include:

  • seminars with policy experts on key global challenges like security, climate change, and the rights of women and girls
  • visits to embassies, Capitol Hill, think tanks and other D.C. institutions
  • workshops on leadership, communications, advocacy and policymaking
  • a campaign competition and a G8 policy simulation
  • and of course, exploring beautiful Washington D.C. in the summertime! We visit the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian museums and even go to a Nationals game!

Global Scholar is the only summer program on global issues that offers a robust mix of both seminars and skillbuilding; we believe that students shouldn’t just get informed, they should get activated to build a better world. Find out more online at:

We’re offering two sessions this year:

Global Scholar Prep Session 1: July 1-13, 2012

Global Scholar Prep Session 2: July 15-27, 2012

** We are pleased to be able to offer four new partial scholarships to attend this summer’s session, specifically for students interested in US-Muslim / interfaith word. Interested applications should contact us as soon as possible **

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Pictures from Pakistan. The Women Adult Education Center 13 June , 2012

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Vote for World Faith Indonesia 8 June , 2012

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Imagine growing up not knowing the joy of reading. Imagine living where there are no libraries and no bookstores, where the only books you ever see are textbooks and reading means one thing: schoolwork. This is the way it was for the children of the Poso district of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia—until last October. That’s when Sophia Mobile Library was launched, opening a window to a wider world for local kids.

My dream is to keep the library running and make sure that window stays open.

Located in a private house in the remote community of Tentena, Sophia Library holds some 750 volumes, mostly for children. During the week, youngsters from surrounding villages drop by to read, some walking several kilometers to get there.

But on most weekends, Sophia Library goes on the road. The books are loaded onto a rented van or boat and head for another village in the district. There the library sets up for the day, with volunteers teaching origami, reading stories to the smaller kids and showing children’s films.

Startup contributions from two dozen individuals allowed the project to purchase books and begin these visits. But each journey costs money, and funds are fast running out. A $5,000 grant would allow the library to make about 150 more trips, as well as replace worn books and purchase additional copies of popular titles.

Sophia Library has another function. In 1998-2005, Poso was racked by sectarian violence, leaving wounds that have yet to heal. When Sophia visits a village, it attracts children and parents from different, often hostile communities. By creating a neutral space where people with a history of antagonism can interact, the library also becomes an agent for peace and reconciliation.

Please help to keep Sophia Library rolling.

For more information, see

To the vote


National Scene: Youths Hold Interfaith Event for Peace 28 June , 2011

JAKARTA: Young people from the Indonesian Young Muslim Club, the youth wing of the International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) held an interfaith workshop for students that ended on Monday in Bogor, West Java.

Program coordinator Miftahul Huda said recent surveys reporting that students were vulnerable to radical groups recruitment had given them the idea to hold the workshop.

“It is time for students to get involved in peace issues,” Miftahul said in a press release made available Monday. “We don’t expect the workshop to result in conflict resolution, but at least we hope we can contribute to conflict prevention.



French Volunteers with Humari Dunya visit Rainbow School in New Delhi 18 December , 2009

Here is the story of some volunteers from the Humary Dunya exchange who went to India to work with the World Faith New Delhi Chapter.  Here is what they had to say:

At 5 PM, we joined Shakeel in front of the station of Old Delhi. After taking the subway to its terminus, we reached an area that we did not know and it was already dark. We felt a little lost but fortunately Shakeel guided us. After a while, we took a small road that plunged into darkness.

Gradually, as we walked, we found people gathered around fires, children playing in the waste piles of garbage, and finally, a tangle of sheets and plastic sheeting … The entrance of the slum where 2,000 people live in an extreme poverty. We followed Shakeel in the maze of tiny alleys to a small door, a dark and narrow staircase and finally a small room of just 15 sq meters opened to the winds: the school ! We had gone through such dark places, met people so dirty and so poor, seen as waste and misery. Now, we arrived in this small room where forty children smiled us! An emotion never felt before!

Three walls decorated with posters were enough to house the only school of the slum. The children were huddled against each other, sitting on the floor, watching a computer. We have therefore taken place among the children and we have discussed with Shakeel and the schoolmaster. Here, the school is in the evening for two hours. If the school has such schedules it’s because most of the children work during the day. All these children come from Bengal (a state in eastern India), their families came to Delhi with the hope of earning more money. Now they live in these slums and remain extremely poor. The government school is too expensive for the parents who have no other choice but to make their children work to earn enough money to feed the whole family. The children then spend their days in the bins for sorting waste to sell a few pieces of plastic. Fortunately, the night school allows them to learn to read and write, so that one day they can get out of this misery.
There are thousands, millions of people living in these conditions in India. They are excluded from society and try to survive day by day. Despite this misery, we were welcomed very warmly and we have never felt that we were in danger. It is very hard to describe the emotions we felt. We were two rich western people facing these children so poor. A great meeting!

Shakeel and his Haq NGO’s have created several such schools in other slums. His actions give hope for a better life to hundreds of children. We do not talk enough about these people who act in the shade and do so much to help others! Today, Shakeel is looking for some volunteers to work in these schools and for some donors to improve the working conditions of the children … Any takers?

If you want to see our reports about the interfaith meeting and the heritage school, you can go on our website: