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From The Economist: One nation, with Aunt Susan 29 November , 2010

AT A time when Americans are worried about their crippling political divisions, it is pleasing to report that two social scientists, Robert Putnam of Harvard University and David Campbell of the University of Notre Dame, have just written a book that examines a powerful source of American unity. Perhaps unexpectedly, the unifying force they focus on is religion.

America’s religiosity has been extensively documented and should surprise no one. It is, Sarah Palin said in her own new book this week, “a prayerful country”. More than eight out of ten Americans say they belong to a religion. More Americans than Iranians (four out of ten) say they attend a religious service nearly once a week or more. What is a surprise—or should be, when you think about it in the way Messrs Putnam and Campbell have—is that religion in America is not more divisive. They argue in “American Grace” (Simon & Schuster) that religion gives Americans a sort of “civic glue, uniting rather than dividing”.

The unifying impact of religion would not be so puzzling in a country where people were pious but where there was only one dominant religion—Catholic Poland, say. Americans, by contrast, hold intense religious beliefs but belong to many different faiths and denominations. That should in theory produce an explosive combination. So why doesn’t it?




From The Huffington Post: The Religion of a Satirical Generation 9 November , 2010

In a great post on the Rally to Restore Sanity, Alexandra Petri described it as the Woodstock of the “I generation.”

Millennials are Generation I, for whom life exists so we can put as many things as possible in quotes. And this “rally” is the closest millennials will ever get to a love-in. It’s a “like-in.”

I like this. I mean, officially. I “like” it on Facebook, where my “feelings” and “opinions” go to become real.

I was at the rally. And it was something hard to articulate. It was the right thing at the right time for a people who have never been offered the right thing at the right time. It was the first dose of Adderall to a generation with severe ADHD.