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Welcome World Faith Gambia 19 June , 2012

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We are excited to announce the creation of our newest Africa chapter, World Faith Gambia! World Faith Gambia – Youths in Aid, was founded in 2008 by religiously-diverse young Gambians working in various international and local development agencies inside the country and other parts of West Africa. World Faith Gambia aims at mobilizing young adults to take action in development projects on a local, regional, and national level. The chapter delivers community services including public health, tree planting, educational programs, and social welfare to orphans and children in need.  World Faith Gambia believes in the value of mutual respect and thinks of interfaith cooperation as an essential component to implement social justice, peace, and economic development.

For more information about World Faith Gambia click:


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Welcome World Faith Malawi 16 June , 2012

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The World Faith community is growing! We are happy to welcome our new chapter, World Faith Malawi. World Faith Malawi is an interfaith youth organization, cooperating with different religious youth groups, organizations, and individuals in the pursuit of a just society. World Faith Malawi was founded by like-minded youth leaders from different faith groups, such as Christian, Muslim, and Baha’i who want to make a major contribution to fight poverty and social imbalances. They provide youth from different religious groups with the skills they need to improve their living conditions and empower their communities. Project focuses are social and economic justice, HIV/AIDS prevention and agriculture.  The interfaith approach aims at creating an environment where religious diversity, love, and mutual respect form a basis for positive change.

For more information about World Faith Malawi click:


News from Burkina Faso 7 June , 2012

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World Faith Burkina Faso provides handicapped people who have limited access to food with food staples.


Uganda: Inter-Religious Council Calls for Responsible Journalism 21 March , 2011

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Kampala — The Inter Religious Council has called on media houses to practice responsible journalism during today’s mayoral polls.

Addressing a breakfast meeting in Kampala on Friday, the chairperson of the National Task Force on Peace and Conflict Transformation, Bishop Zac Niringiye, said media houses should condemn wrongdoing and acts of violence during today’s elections. “It is your [media] responsibility to run stories that do not incite the public into violence come Monday (today) and that’s why we decided to meet with you for the good of peace,” he said.

The election for the Kampala mayor on February 23 was called off after the exercise turned violent with a cross section of supporters of the candidates engaging in running battles and accusing each other of attempting to rig the elections. READ MORE


Alao-Akala Calls for Religious Tolerance 2 February , 2011

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Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala of Oyo State has called for mutual cooperation among all Nigerians in the effort to nip the raging sectarian crises in some parts of the country in the bud.

The governor made this call in Ibadan on Tuesday while delivering his address at the quarterly meeting of the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) meeting, held at Mapo Hall, Ibadan.

Mr Akala warned against allowing the effect of the crises to truncate the new democratic session and diminish the reputation the country has built for itself over the last few years.

“By slowing religious and communal strives to scuttle democracy and good governance, our avowed commitment to freedom at all levels will be a fluke,” he said.



Refugee Assistance Programs Join World Faith! 20 April , 2010


We are delighted to announce that Refugee Asistance Programs (RAP), a Chicago-based initiative, is joining World Faith as a Chapter.  The service-driven mission of RAP exceeds our standards of community service, and their attention to the religious needs of refugees creates a beautiful partnership that we believe will continue both missions into the coming years.

Frank Fredericks, the founder of World Faith, shared, “We are very excited about this new partnership, and we believe it will allow us to actively engage in the greater Chicago area, while also putting RAPs fine work into a global context.”

Naazish YarKhan, the found of RAP, is happy to share that 0n Saturday May 15
th, RAP will host a community-supported  Kitchen Kit Drive for Refugees, from 9 a.m. to Noon, at ISNS in Rolling Meadows, Ilinois.

RAP has helped over 500 families from Africa, Myanmar, and Iraq.  Last year, the community raised 1,300 toys for RAP during its “Eid is for Everyone” toy and winter- wear drive. It received the CIOGC “Excellence in Community Service Award” in 2010.

“What would be the first thing you would look for in a completely new country? A hot cup of tea? A pan to warm milk for your child? A bed or a couch are secondary when a refugee mom has nothing in her kitchen. New refugee families arrive every week and, as an interfaith community, we want to transform their empty apartments into cozy homes,” said Kiran Ansari, a RAP Boardmember.

To volunteer, email: . Donations can be mailed to Refugee Assistance Programs/ WF, 1146 Coventry Circle, Glendale Heights, IL 60139. Please indicate whether it’s a general donation or zakat.  Donations can also be collected by World Faith, with the donation specified for RAP.

More at RAP’s blog, and website.


A Week in Sudan 9 August , 2008

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Well this last week has been a great journey.  Someone once told me that the best way to evaluate where you are at any given point is based on these three questions:  Are you giving?  Are you learning?  Are you having fun?


I feel this past week definitely fulfilled the three quotas.  A World Faith Chapter is starting with great support in Khartoum, I learned tons about the history and current issues that Sudan is facing, and I met great people who both further inspired me and made the trip enjoyable.


First of all, there is something a bit ironic about meeting anyone from Sudan… They are the most peaceful and amicable people as a culture that I have found in my travels in some 20 countries now.  It is damn near impossible to imagine these same people, whether from the north or south, Port Sudan or from Darfur, as capable of what we hear on in the western media, which at time is misleading (I plan on writing another post just on this subject).  As arrived on the tarmac this irony became apparent, as the warm smiles greeted me as I arrived, with pieces of Sudan Air wreckage in the background. 


I spent my first few days in Omdurman, being hosted by Gihad Abunafeesa, now the Regional Director of Sudan for World Faith.  Gihad’s family took great care of me, as I as staying the male side of their gender-separated home, which I shared with her cousin Midu, who is suffering from Sickle-Celled Anemia, and an old Darfurian Sheikh who was deaf, neither of which spoke English.  Because of the extreme heat, us three slept outside every night, in the guys’ courtyard, while a light breeze would cool me off.


I met with students from Gihad’s university, Ahfad University, where she is her fourth year as a medical student.  I worked from there most days, ironically sticking out as a tall white guy in an all-girls school in Africa.  I met many young people interested in the World Faith chapter, and things really solidified when Gihad introduced me to the awesome people of Cafa, a local organization that works on a grassroots level to address issues in Sudan such as AIDS education,  peace-building with IDP camps, and training volunteers who are placed in humanitarian projects.  After a meeting with Cafa’s Director Yassir Ibrahim, Cafa agreed to host a World Faith Chapter, and has a four-person committee working on how to develop the project, while I am working on promoting the volunteer base.   


I feel like I am missing so much but it was one of those experiences, which has some many details, such as my new Sudanese friends, one of which runs an ad agency and I went into a meeting with him, when I should I stayed quiet I instead proposed that this construction company think big, using (which they bought that day).  Or the wedding I went to, where I spent an entire afternoon learning the 50 words necessary to greet a Sudanese person properly (the greetings go on and on, it’s great!).  Too much occurred in this period to full articulate, so I guess this is just an ambiguous post…


In other news, I am 3 weeks away from returning to the states.  Unless we get funding between now and then, I will have to begin jobhunting… time to start preparing my resumé.  L