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Interfaith Appalacia – The First Jew I Met 18 April , 2013

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The First Jew I Met
Excerpt from a story by Chad McKnight, Outdoor Education Coordinator 
Read the complete story in the upcoming Interfaith Appalachia Journal, a collection of testimonies, stories, and art from participants and IA community members.

“…[David’s] views were so much different than mine. Not just his religion, but everything. I eat every kind of meat there is, he is a vegan. I am a very conservative republican, he is a liberal democrat. I carry a gun in the woods; he has never shot a gun, and spends most of his time on concrete. I am an orthodox Christian, he is a liberal Jew. How in the world can we get along with each other much less how could I help him bring about world peace?

“Even though it sounds like we would have nothing in common, we quickly became very good friends, and my reservations were eased. I also realized that religion is not worth having, if you don’t share it. Working with IA has given me the opportunity to share what I believe with people I would have never even met otherwise. It also has given me a chance to dispel some of the negative stereotypes about us hillbillies. I have been working with IA from day one, and recently became the Outdoor Education Coordinator, which allows me to show off the beauty of Harlan County to many more people.”


Pictures from the Mango Tree Nursery School 16 April , 2013

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While it’s always work to get funding, WF Gambia’s Mango Tree Nursery School is still going strong!

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Fighting Unemployment with WF Cameroon 14 April , 2013

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In February, WF Cameroon worked on educating local youth about entrepreneurship. 75 people learned how to come up with a business plan and proposal, about sources of raising capital, and things to consider when deciding where to locate a business. Many of them are now aware of available sources of government funding to support them, like the National Employment Fund and Ministry of Youth Affairs. The event also raised awareness on the importance of youth participation in the fight against unemployment.

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WF Burkina Faso Pilgrimages to Ouagadougou 12 April , 2013

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Members of WF Burkina Faso joined local Christians as they walked from Yagma village to Ouagadougou, a 20 km journey.

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Interfaith Harmony Week with World Faith 10 April , 2013

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Six chapters of World Faith participated in the UNAOC’s World Interfaith Harmony Week this year! Here are some pictures of  two of the amazing events:
WF Indonesia organized two events: a discussion of religious perspectives in peacebuilding, and a Peace Dance. The discussion brought Muslims, Christians, and Hindus from the Interfaith Women’s School together to talk about the peace-building process in post-conflict areas. Many participants were able to express their thoughts as victims and survivors of the Poso conflict, and together, participants brainstormed how they could use religion to counteract political conflicts in their communities. The women who gathered hope to talk with 100 houses of worship in 2013 in order to show the Poso community that religions can work together to build peace.
Later in the week, a Peace Dance invited over 100 women and children from 24 villages in Poso to come together and dance for an hour. The dance not only brought together an interfaith group to campaign against violence on women and children, but was the first movement in a public space in Poso where women and children could campaign against violence.
Peace dance 3Peace dance 2
WF Pakistan also organized two events. The first was a panel discussion on the scope of interfaith dialogues in Pakistan, which had over 75 attendees. The second was the “Diversity Tour to Worship Places”, a model which seeks to bridge gaps between youth of different faith and backgrounds. 25 young people visited Muslim mosques, Hindu mandirs, Sikh temples, and Protestant and Catholic churches. At each location, participants were given a tour by the hosting faith’s youth, and then given the chance to hold a dialogue with hosting faith leaders  about the site and the traditions, symbols, history, and commonalities of the particular faith.

WF Cameroon Cleans Up 8 April , 2013

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This month, WF Cameroon helped to clean an orphanage. The main projects were clearing the overgrown grass surrounding the orphanage, scrubbing and disinfecting the toilet, washing the childrens’ dresses, and disinfecting the orphanage with better cleaning chemicals than the orphanage had at hand.

Here are our volunteers hard at work and play with the children of the orphanage:

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Interfaith Appalacia relaunches and recruits! 3 April , 2013

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Interfaith Appalachia is relaunching on May 29, 2013! Their new name will be Project CALL: Community Achievement, Learning and Leadership. They will still work to foster multicultural collaboration and leadership development, bridging diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Project CALL will continue to offer 2-3 Interfaith Appalachia Alternative Breaks per year, although their focus will become Community Leadership Intensives in summer. These will draw together students from central Appalachia and greater Boston/the northeast.

The first Community Leadership Intensive will take place in July 2013, and is an opportunity to serve and learn amongst a diverse group of up to 12 students from both Harlan County, Kentucky (and neighboring areas), and from greater Boston. Participants will volunteer together with urban and rural community agriculture projects, build a strong sense of team, and learn from one another’s backgrounds; they will live together, eat together, serve and learn together, and prepare to re-enter their home communities with a deepened understanding of how to advance pluralism and community development. Applications will be announced in early April, 2013, and are open to high school students. Financial aid will be available, and admissions need-blind. Please email with any questions, comments, or suggestions.


Frank Fredericks at Clinton Global Initiative 29 March , 2013

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Clinton Global Initiative recently interviewed Frank Fredericks about what it’s like to launch a startup in: The Stories Behind The Startups: Frank Fredericks, CGI University Class of 2008.

The biggest perk of social entrepreneurship? The freedom, according to Frank, who enjoys his autonomy as executive director of World Faith. “The best part of starting my own organization is being able to tinker, question, and innovate everything, and never having to say ‘that’s just the way it is’ and accept that it can’t be changed,” he said.

It’s great to see Frank get recognition for his work with World Faith! You can read the full article here.


Establishing the Swanland Village Charity School 6 March , 2013

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This February, in the Ngando Slums in Nairobi, CEPACET, our World Faith chapter in Kenya, worked to establish a school. They started with giving the site a face lift, painting it, adding new flooring, furniture, and a kitchen with energy-saving boilers. They also interviewed and recruited teachers and staff for the school, and worked with community health/social workers to figure out which children would attend.

Here are some pictures showing the whole process:

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Congratulations Shahid, Acumen Fund’s Pakistan Fellow! 8 February , 2013

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Shahid Remat, our own director of World Faith Pakistan, has just been selected for Acumen Fund’s inaugural class of Pakistan Fellows! He is one of only twenty people chosen for leading a “unique project with large-scale social impact in Pakistan.” The program will provide the opportunity to develop leadership skills, advance personal social change projects, and connect with the global community.

We are very proud of Shahid. World Faith Pakistan runs the Women Adult Education Center, which has helped many women gain literacy, life, and livelihood skills, and the Interfaith Center, educating interfaith youth and helping them visit places of worship. See some pictures of the Women Adult Education Center in one of our previous blog posts.

Read more about the Acumen Fund and Shahid’s selection here.