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Common Values, Differing Faiths: A Muslim Marries an Evangelical 19 July , 2012

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More than two-thirds of evangelicals in America share the same religion as their spouse, according to a 2007 survey by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life. Not Frank Fredericks, founder of World Faith. Last month, Fredericks, a non-denominational evangelical, married Medina del Castillo, a Muslim, in an interfaith ceremony. While both families embrace the union, Fredericks says that not all of his extended family were necessarily supportive of a Christian marrying a Muslim. And for her part, del Castillo says that when she first started dating Fredericks, she held a pre-conceived notion of evangelicals as zealots fixated on converting the masses. “So I think it’s been a very nice learning experience,” she says. “I think that will continue in our marriage.”

Watch the video:


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International Youth Foundation Fellows in Mexico City 28 October , 2011

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A few weeks ago, Executive Director Frank Fredericks was in Mexico City as part of a year-long fellowship with the International Youth Foundation called YouthActionNet. Check out this video about their time in Mexico City (Frank is the guy in the orange shirt)!

Launched in 2001 by the International Youth Foundation, YouthActionNet strengthens, supports, and celebrates the role of young people in leading positive change in their communities. Each year, 20 exceptional young social entrepreneurs are selected as YouthActionNet Global Fellows following a competitive application process.  READ MORE


Religion As A Bridge To Understanding, Not A Bomb Of Destruction: An Interview With Eboo Patel (VIDEO) 27 June , 2011

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IFYC’s Better Together Film (VIDEO)

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Two Minutes Of Wisdom With Eboo Patel (VIDEO) 13 June , 2011

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