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Photo Update from World Faith Kenya 24 July , 2013

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These photos are of livelihood training organized by World Faith Kenya for women in the Kitui and Kibera slums.









WF Burkina Faso Nourishes Stomachs, Dialogue 18 July , 2013

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World Faith Burkina Faso knows the power of a shared meal! The Chapter brought together 75 local authorities and traditional leaders, along with over 450 interested citizens, serving them all meals and giving them an opportunity to talk. Pictures below:

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New Chapters Build Teams and Relationships 17 July , 2013

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World Faith Bangladesh underwent some leadership changes, and so the Chapter created committees for the Barisal, Chittagong, and Rangpur areas, ensuring equal representation of gender, faith, and ability in each. The committees set dates for local public campaigns, identifying topics like tree plantations, community clean-ups, and anti-drug drives.  They also created plans to engage with local government, religious institutions, and schools.

World Faith Congo, our newest Chapter, has also worked hard since becoming a Chapter. 150 young leaders, both Muslims and Christians, came together in April to learn about each others’ religions and learn mediation techniques.


Barisal District Committee in South Bangladesh


Youth leaders learn mediation in the DRC.


World Faith Pakistan – Ending Domestic Violence Against Women 10 July , 2013

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World Faith Pakistan worked with DASTAK to organize their first Community Awareness and Sensitization Program, on the theme, “Ending Domestic Violence Against Women.” The program aimed to assess the community’s attitudes towards violence towards women, and to create awareness on existing systems for both preventing violence and holding people accountable for violence against women.

48 female domestic workers who had attended the Women’s Adult Education Course attended the seminar, and WF Pakistan hopes to help them organize more rights-based programs in the future.

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Pictures from the Day of Interfaith Youth Service 24 April , 2013

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For this year’s Day of Interfaith Youth Service, World Faith teamed up with local students to volunteer with Harlem Grown. If you’re in NY, volunteer hours are every Saturday until June, 10-4– swing by and get your hands dirty doing something fun!

(You don’t actually have to get your hands dirty- there are gloves.)

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WF Burkina Faso’s Feast of Potatoes 20 April , 2013

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For a regional celebration, WF Burkina Faso served 1060 people. Potato-laden pictures below:

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Interfaith Appalacia – The First Jew I Met 18 April , 2013

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The First Jew I Met
Excerpt from a story by Chad McKnight, Outdoor Education Coordinator 
Read the complete story in the upcoming Interfaith Appalachia Journal, a collection of testimonies, stories, and art from participants and IA community members.

“…[David’s] views were so much different than mine. Not just his religion, but everything. I eat every kind of meat there is, he is a vegan. I am a very conservative republican, he is a liberal democrat. I carry a gun in the woods; he has never shot a gun, and spends most of his time on concrete. I am an orthodox Christian, he is a liberal Jew. How in the world can we get along with each other much less how could I help him bring about world peace?

“Even though it sounds like we would have nothing in common, we quickly became very good friends, and my reservations were eased. I also realized that religion is not worth having, if you don’t share it. Working with IA has given me the opportunity to share what I believe with people I would have never even met otherwise. It also has given me a chance to dispel some of the negative stereotypes about us hillbillies. I have been working with IA from day one, and recently became the Outdoor Education Coordinator, which allows me to show off the beauty of Harlan County to many more people.”



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