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Get Your Signed Copy of Faitheist 18 December , 2012

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Want to give yourself a holiday gift and help World Faith at the same time? World Faith will ship you a signed copy of Faitheist by the one and only Chris Stedman when you donate $50 before the end of the year! Just click on the link here to donate, and you’ll receive your copy in no time.

In Faitheist, Stedman shares his inspiring story of a former Evangelical Christian turned atheist who now works to bridge the divide between atheists and the religious. Stedman draws on his work organizing interfaith and 
secular communities, his academic study of religion, 
and his own experiences to argue for the necessity of 
bridging the growing chasm between atheists and the religious. As someone who has stood on both sides of 
the divide, Stedman is uniquely positioned to present a way for atheists and the religious
 to find common ground and work together to make this world—the one world we can all
 agree on—a better place.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! World Faith continues to expand and develop new projects all over the world, aiding in areas such as youth education, women’s empowerment, and emergency relief, but we need your help! It’s the perfect holiday gift to yourself and to people around the world!

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