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Safer Water for Gambians: World Faith Gambia’s Mango Tree Nursery School Project 13 December , 2012

Young Gambian volunteers, focused on public health and educational programs for children, planted a new seed at the Mango Tree Nursery School. World Faith Gambia is currently developing a project proposal for the standardization of the school so as to make it one of the best early childhood centers in Gambia, as well as ensure that it meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education. Their goal is to repair a water pump at the Mango Tree Nuersery School which will not  only provide the pupils with water put will also help the inhabitants of Jiboro who live near the school with safe drinking water. Most of the people in the village rely on well waters that are far from safe and this has caused a rise in water borne diseases. The repair of this well concrete borehole pump will help to reduce the such a threat and ensure safe drinking water for the local students and residents. Check out the photos below!


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