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Second Interfaith Youth Iftar Pakistan 15 August , 2012

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On August 11, 2012, Interfaith Youth in Action / World Faith Pakistan organized its second Interfaith Youth Iftar. More than 50 young leaders from different faith groups from across Lahore and the surrounding areas broke the fast together and pleasant evening.
The main purpose of this Iftar was to offer religiously-diverse youth a platform to get to know each other and to develop friendships. Events like this aim at fostering inter-religious understanding, reconciliation, and peace between Pakistan’s different faith groups.
“This is the second time I am participating in a IYA/WFP activity. It is inspiring to make friends with people form other faith traditions and it helps me to get rid of my misunderstandings about other religions.” (Mr. Hanif Hunzie, Training Officer in PTCL)
“We are living in isolation. These kind of projects help us to build a more tolerant society based on the values of peace and harmony.” (Ms. Anila Noor, Project Manager)
But the event was not without hitches.
“Many Muslims declined our offer after they learned that the Iftar would be held in a church,” explained Shahid Ghouri, President of Interfaith Youth in Action / World Faith Pakistan. “Some people don’t want to eat meals prepared in a church .”
However, the second Interfaith Iftar was a huge success! It brought together youth from diverse backgrounds and gave them the opportunity to learn about each other’s unique customs, traditions, and beliefs. We look forward to our third Interfaith Iftar in 2013!

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  1. Coulibaly Buéni charles Says:

    Formidable cette action foi mondiale Burkina région de dedougou est de couer avec vous

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