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World Faith Announces New Chapter In Uganda 24 May , 2012

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World Faith is excited to announce the creation of another chapter in Africa – World Faith Uganda. World Faith Uganda – Buganda Youth Council (“BYC”) & Children and Elderly Support Organization (“CESO”), seeks to transform the communities of Buganda through specific activities ranging from mobilizing, organizing, and empowering young people of different faiths and communities to lead development projects and serve their communities. Project focuses are agriculture and education. Under the leadership of Simon Ssenkaayi, National Director of World Faith Uganda, CESO & BYC aim at building a spirit of “unity in diversity” among young people from different faith backgrounds and leading regional development through sustainable youth-led initiatives.

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One Response to “World Faith Announces New Chapter In Uganda”

  1. Simon ssenkaayi Says:

    We dream to make this world a better place for everyone starting with our country. We hope that a lot will be done with your guidance and assistance. Thank you

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