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Tony Blair Faith Foundation Film Competition Gives Young People Chance to Correct Religious Presumptions 10 May , 2012

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The Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s global film competition, Faith Shorts is open and calling for entries. Any young person aged between 14 – 27 is invited to submit a short film showing how their faith inspires them. Judges include: Tony Blair, Hugh Jackman, Dawn French and Jet Li. Prizes include an all-expenses paid trip to London to attend red carpet VIP Awards Ceremony at 195 Piccadilly, the home of BAFTA.

The annual film competition gives young people between 14 and 27 years old the opportunity to communicate what their faith means to them in their own words and take their story to a global stage.

Through sharing personal stories and providing insights to their world, young people are given the chance to correct some of the presumptions that exist around religion and religious views, and show that faith means different things to different people. The competition also counters the notion that religion is not only a source of conflict. For the last two years Faith Shorts has been inundated with stories of solidarity, strength and solace. The previous winning films can be seen on the Faith Shorts website.

Those who don’t have access to film making equipment can apply to win a portable video camera until 14th May, 2012. Entrants need to outline their thoughts for a film to enter into the main competition, and the winning entries will be sent a small video camera with which they can film their entry.

These films are helping build understanding between young people of different faiths and cultures around the world.  Teachers have been using Faith Shorts as teaching resources in R.E, citizenship and social science classes not just in the United Kingdom but all over the world this year.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation has recently released video- resources  on their website to help young people make their films. To stay up to date with the competition, visit the Faith Shorts Facebook page or Follow @TonyBlair_TBFF on Twitter.


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