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Campus Conversation on Values 5 March , 2012

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Millennial Values Symposium
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
April 19-20, 2012

What do young Americans think about economic inequality, educational opportunity, and America’s future? How do they relate their personal values and religious beliefs to the 2012 campaign?

On April 19-20, Georgetown University will bring students from around the country together with public figures and the media to elevate the voices of young people in this election season. The Millennial Values Symposium will coincide with the release of a groundbreaking survey of Americans age 18 to 24 on religion, values, and the election, conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and Georgetown’s Berkley Center.

The Millennial Values Fellowship

Any student currently enrolled at U.S.-based college or university is eligible to apply for a Millennial Values Fellowship. The fellowship (there are sixteen in all) includes travel to and from D.C., three nights’ hotel stay, group meals, and participation in the symposium.

Consideration of fellowship applications will begin immediately and continue through Wednesday, March 14. Interested students should send an email to that includes a CV; a 150-200-word bio; and a 300-400-word blog post that takes a clear and strong position on one of the following statements:

> Americans are united by a shared set of values.
> Economic inequality is the single greatest problem in America today.
> Educational opportunity remains the key to success in the United States.
> Faith is the only sure foundation for values in personal and public life.
> The Millennial generation has values fundamentally different from its predecessors.

A committee of Georgetown faculty and students will lead a three-step selection process. Strong blogs will be posted online; Skype interviews will be conducted with a group of finalists, who will be asked to submit a second blog post on another topic; and fellowships will be awarded by Wednesday, March 28.

By submitting an email with a blog post, applicants consent to it being posted publicly on Georgetown’s website. Selected students must meet all conditions of participation to take part in the symposium.

To stay informed about the symposium and fellowship, friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for the Berkley Center mailing list.

The Millennial Values Symposium, part of the Berkley Center’s program on Faith, Values, and Public Life, is supported by a Ford Foundation grant.

Draft Symposium Schedule

Wednesday, April 18
Fellows’ arrival, informal gathering

Thursday, April 19
9-10            Fellows breakfast, discussion of symposium agenda
10:30-12    Media briefing on Millennial Values Survey release
12-1:30      Lunch and roundtable with media leaders
2-4              Public panel discussion with activists and thought leaders
5:30-8        Reception, dinner and keynote speaker

Friday, April 20
9-12             Student debate/brainstorming session (to be captured on video)
12-1:30       Concluding lunch, free afternoon and evening

Saturday, April 21

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