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Fun, Games and 9-11: Interfaith Gathering Aims at Building Friendships 9 August , 2011

Soccer, kite flying, hamburgers, lemonade, music, bean bag toss – not typical ingredients for memorializing a terrorist attack. But organizers promise those and more at a 9-11 Interfaith Family Day in Boca Raton.

The free event, planned for 1 to 4 p.m. at Patch Reef Park, will take the form of a family outing, with food, sports and music. Its organizing committee purposely planned it as a family outing on the anniversary of the terrorist attack.

“Ten years ago, we saw the tragic consequences of teachings by people who said ‘My religion is right and yours is wrong,’” said Rabbi Barry Silver, one of seven religious leaders at a press conference at the park Aug. 8. “But in the United States, we use religion to unite, not divide. Religion can be a source of harmony and cooperation.”




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