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Interfaith dialogue group kicks off Tuesday 1 August , 2011

Several local faith leaders are hoping the community will join with them in growing to­gether in wisdom and compas­sion for other religions through non-judgmental listening.

Interfaith Montgomery-Com­munity Dialogue began this summer and is inviting the public to come to its next meet­ing at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Juliette Hampton Morgan Me­morial Library auditorium. Host Rebecca B. Goff said the group wants to unite people of various backgrounds by bring­ing about greater understand­ing of different religions.

“Rather than relying on guidance by one’s religious leaders, each member can ex­perience for themselves what others believe and what they have experienced,” Goff said. “It is hoped that this will grow community bonds, increase re­ligious understanding and build more peaceful and successful neighborhoods and work­places.”

Imam Abdur R. Sabree, who was present at the first meet­ing earlier this month, believes that he can help participants learn more about Islam. He said people’s misconceptions about Islam come from their lack of knowledge.



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