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Mixing it up in Motor City mosque 25 July , 2011

An interfaith group of Muslims, Jews and Chaldeans teamed up on Tuesday to provide health-care services to the working poor and those without medical insurance at the Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center in Detroit.

“We’re helping the people who show up to this clinic and fulfilling a need within the community,” said Robert Cohen, the executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Detroit.

“We’re also trying to build trust and build relations between the Jewish and Muslim communities in the city.”

The Interfaith Health Fair was organized by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Detroit and the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan and ran for four hours on Tuesday afternoon.

Around 100 doctors, nurses, social workers and medical students performed standard medical screenings, took blood samples, recorded patients’ medical histories, and provided them with guidance on any necessary follow-up, through a one-onone consultation with a physician.

There are approximately 68,000 Jews living in the Detroit metropolitan area and anywhere between 150,000-200,000 Muslims.

Victor Ghalib Begg, chairman emeritus of the Council of Islamic Organization for Michigan, said that it was crucial for the Muslim and Jewish communities to have good relationships.



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