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Upcoming events in Greater New Haven to share message of peace 13 July , 2011

MILFORD — A rabbi, Imam and a minister will walk into Woodmont United Church of Christ July 17.

But it’s far from the beginning of a joke.

The 10:30 a.m. interfaith service at 1000 New Haven Ave. will kick off a week of “peacemaking” events as they are called by Bruce Barrett, founder of IWagePeace.Org and an owner of Barrett Outdoor Communications, Inc.. Special guests will be two members – one from Israel, one from Palestine – of Combatants for Peace, a movement started jointly by Palestinians and Israelis who decided to put down their guns and to fight for peace.

Nouraddin Shehadah, 40, who lives with his wife in the West Bank, is now a social worker, but was previously a wanted man in Israel and leader of the local Fatah Party.

Erez Krispin is a high-tech entrepreneur, strategic consultant, and co-founder of who lives in Tel Aviv. Erez has been a captain in the Israeli Army and now refuses to serve in the occupied territories or to undertake any other duty that supports or enables the occupation in any way. As an adult he realized through reading that much of what he heard about the conflict and Palestinians while growing up was myth.

“These two will travel half way around the world specifically to meet with Americans and see what they think about peacemaking,” Barrett said of the tour.

The ministers of the interfaith service are Imam Kashif Abdul-Karim, Rabbi Dana Z. Bogatz and The Rev. John Sandel.



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