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Nigeria: Kaduna – Women Investing in Peace 11 July , 2011

Mni — Participants trickled into the venue, most of them delayed by the rain while the organisers were busy putting finishing touches to the hall decoration. The women had organised interfaith activities in the past, including an interfaith dialogue and a book launch. The sensitisation seminar for key stakeholders which was held on July 5 2011at the Women’s Multipurpose Centre in Kaduna.

Planning for the event began after the post election violence that erupted in Kaduna state after the presidential election. The members of the Interfaith Council of Muslim and Christian Women’s Associations convened a meeting to discuss the crisis and how to contribute to peace building.

An air of sadness filled the room as they all told stories of their friends and relations who were either killed, maimed or lost property during the orgy of violence.

At the end of their discussion, they decided to organise two activities, a joint press conference and visits to the camps for displaced people in different towns in the state. After successfully implementing the two activities, they organised a sensitization seminar which was attended by policy makers and representatives of various civil society organizations in the state and beyond. The focus of the seminar was The Role of Women In Peace Building.



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