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Interfaith Effort Launches Long Beach Youth Alliance 30 June , 2011

UPDATE 4:47pm | Roberto Hernandez, 11, and his younger brother and sister, Freddy, 10, and Gricelle, 8, are all participants in the various programs offered by the newly formed Long Beach Youth Alliance.

The trio, along with their parents and two older siblings, live just down the street from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, where the family worships.

Prior to the formation of the alliance, they attended programs previously offered at St. Luke’s after school, including the boxing and tutoring programs. Now, since the alliance was launched, they are also able to attend Rising Tide, a four-day-a-week after school program where youth receive one-on-one help with homework, read with partners, eat healthy snacks, learn how to make good life choices, engage in safe play with friends, play educational computer games, participate in cultural enrichment clubs, experiment in a science center and more.

“I’m really glad,” Roberto Hernandez said with a smile when asked what he thought about the new alliance. “These programs are so awesome. It’s really fun. You get to play sports … . They teach us.




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