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Mass and Quran don’t mix 20 June , 2011

St. Peter’s Catholic Church has canceled plans to host a reading of the Quran from the pulpit June 26 because the Vatican forbids readings of texts from other religions during Mass.

Concerned about a surge in what he described as “Islam phobia,” the Rev. Pat Earl accepted an invitation to be one of about 70 churches nationwide participating in the effort to promote acceptance and respect of Islam during Christian services. He was moved to act, he said, after learning that several Muslim imams were prevented from boarding flights last month on their way to attend a Charlotte convention about the fear of Islam.

Now, Earl is instead planning an interfaith dialogue in October at the South Tryon Street church.

Earl said the incident confirmed what he had been hearing about discrimination against Muslims while serving on the clergy board of the Mecklenburg Ministries, an interfaith group of more than 90 houses of worship.



One Response to “Mass and Quran don’t mix”

  1. Sulayman F Says:

    Although I’m not a Catholic, it’s understandable. Ecumenicism is a great thing but this may not have been the right moment for it despite it’s benefits.

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