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Islamophobia Topic of Interfaith Event Saturday 16 June , 2011

Representatives of different religious faiths will discuss misperceptions about Islam in an interfaith forum Saturday.

The discussion, “Truth Over Fear: Countering Islamophobia,” will be from 10 a.m. to noon at the Islamic Center of Tri-Cities, 2900 Bombing Range Road, West Richland.

Organizers said they hope the interfaith dialogue can explain the role and teachings of Islam and show how they align with human rights and democracy.

Speakers include Craig Moro, pastor of the Community Unitarian Universalist Church; Hassan Ziada, former imam of the Islamic Center; Zonia Ziada, a former Catholic nun; and Ala’a Ali, a member of the Islamic Center, who is from Egypt.


One Response to “Islamophobia Topic of Interfaith Event Saturday”

  1. peddiebill Says:

    After reading so many articles expressing intolerance of Islam in which facts are extremely distorted it is heartening to hear of anything which might assist a more reasonable attitude. When people rabbit on about the violence inherent in Islam I wish they would be a little more objective.
    For example many more Islamic people have died as a result of Western (and in effect Christian) interventions than in all the suicide bombs combined. We have Christian fueled genocide – eg Kosovo, Rwanda etc, and thousands dying in violence perpetrated by those claiming to be Christian in a host of African countries. Yes there are violent extremist Muslims – but equally there are violent extremist Christians – and even those killing Muslims in the name of justice eg at the behest of legitimate Governments eg Iraq and Afghanistan. There are verses in the Koran justifying violence – but there are also verses in the Bible justifying violence. The sooner we lern the art of forgiveness and tolerance the better.

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