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Importance of interfaith dialogue 15 June , 2011

Can people of different faiths co-exist peacefully? What needs to be done to promote interfaith dialogues? To answer these questions, last Friday eminent writers and religious scholars came together at the Homi Talyarkhan Hall, Red Cross Society at Fort, to discuss initiatives required to promote a better understanding of various religions in our society and dispel stereotypes.

In another event held last Saturday, prominent members of the Sikh community gathered at the Yashwant Natya Mandir at Matunga (W) and emphasised the importance of youth centric programmes at various religious institutions.

The event at Fort, which was organised by Wisdom Foundation, had religious scholars like Dr Asghar Ali Engineer, Professor Ram Puniyani, Dr Homi B.Dhalla, Dr Narendra Desai and Dr Zeenat Shaukat Ali as panelists.

The panel members emphasised, “peaceful engagement between different communities through various activities and empowering people through knowledge is necessary,” to develop a better understanding of all the religions in our society.



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