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“Muslim For A Month” Project In Turkey Grows Interfaith Seeds 15 June , 2011

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After successfully running its Buddhist immersion program Monk for a Month, the Blood Foundation looked to easing the “social friction between Muslims and non-Muslims” earlier this year. So was born the sister program – Muslim for a Month. Green Prophet interviews the project’s coordinator to better understand the green benefits of being a Muslim for a month.

Split into a 9 day and more comprehensive 21 day course, Muslim for a Month was created to allow a deeper understanding of Muslim creed, action and green lifestyle, particularly in a tourist hotspot where travellers bypass the day-to-day routine of Muslims.

Both courses were launched as a broad introduction to Islam and the environmentally aware Rumi inspired Sufism branch of spirituality. Moreover, members have been educated in healthier eating, the Muslim wedding ceremony and participated in a day of fasting.



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