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Kairos Poetry Café Presents: Poetry Reading Open Mic + Featuring: Frank Romano & Obsidian 10 June , 2011

(NEW YORK) – Frank Romano & Obsidian will be featured as Kairos Poetry Café Presents: Poetry Reading Open Mic Sunday, the 12th of June. At this special event, Dr. Frank Romano will read poems for the first time from his new memoir on organizing interfaith events in Israel and Palestine.

Our regular readers are familiar with Frank Romano’s tireless work in forging a road to peace in the Middle east. Every three months he leads a new Interfaith Peace March through the West Bank and others places significant to the long-running dispute between the Israeli and Palestinian people.

Like so many similar efforts, Dr. Romano’s marches are completely peaceful and while they draw their share of sparks and confrontations from authorities, he always gets his message across and it is one of solidarity and humanity and he is joined by Muslim, Jewish and Christian people as well as others who don’t follow any particular faith.



One Response to “Kairos Poetry Café Presents: Poetry Reading Open Mic + Featuring: Frank Romano & Obsidian”

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