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Doing Church and Doing Justice: A Portrait of Millennials at Middle Church 9 June , 2011

The Public Religion Research Institute  recently released a report on the Millenial generation and their relationship with religion, social justice, and cultural issues.   The Millennial Generation, categorized as Americans between the ages of 18 and 29, are “the most ethnically, religiously and socially diverse group of people in U.S. history,” The Millennials are engaged in social justice activism and LGBTQ issues and take advantage of new technology to get their voices heard.  The report discusses the Millennials’ overall disillusionment with the Christian church and a difference in  values from older generations.

The main subjects of the report were  Millennials that do affiliate themselves religiously, particularly members of Middle Church, a Christian Reformed church in the East Village led by Pastor  Jacqui Lewis.  Lewis described the church as “welcoming, artistic, inclusive, bold.”  The Middle Church has a particular emphasis on social justice and LGBTQ issues and is thus particularly attractive to Millennials searching for a religion that coincides with their beliefs and worldview. Middle Church and the Millennials advocate for religion to act not as a theological or dogmatic institution, but  as a vehicle for systemic change in the world.



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