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Special Representative to Muslim Communities Visits Jordan 8 June , 2011

AMMONNEWS – The Department of State’s Special Representative to Muslim Communities Farah Pandith arrived in Jordan today on a four-day visit to meet with youth, religious organizations, civil society organizations and women. During the visit she will give an overview of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s vision for engagement with Muslim communities worldwide and create linkages between Jordanians and Americans seeking to make positive change in their communities.

As part of her meetings, she will introduce the “2011 Hours Against Hate Campaign”, which encourages young people around the world to build stronger communities that value pluralism and diversity and reject hate and bigotry.

Pandith will meet with youth NGOs and entrepreneurs at the National Library in Amman and the Hayat Center for Civil Society Development in Karak to discuss their activities and learn about the opportunities and challenges facing them in Jordan.



One Response to “Special Representative to Muslim Communities Visits Jordan”

  1. Jenny Kai Says:


    I left a message on another post just yesterday. Just wanted to mention that the Manhattan Multicultural Summer Youth Program organization had invited Farah Pandith to our VIP reception @ the Museum of Tolerance on May 17th—it was a marvelous speech.

    If you are interested, in the coming month we will be putting a video clip of her speech on our website. Please check soon—
    Currently, we are planning an Interfaith Youth Conference on the week of July 21st-27th and are planning on having Farah Pandith as one of our keynote speakers. When all the logistics are solidified, we’d like to invite members of World Faith to attend our conference. Please be in contact with me at

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