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Pride gathering celebrates diversity and faith 6 June , 2011

The Utah Pride Festival is dedicated to diversity, which was clearly reflected in Saturday afternoon’s Pride interfaith service. About 350 people — black, white, Asian, Latino, male, female, gay, straight — gathered at Salt Lake City’s First United Methodist Church to affirm their faith.

Methodist, Episcopal, Buddhist, pagan, Lutheran and United Church of Christ leaders were among those who addressed the gathering — the largest in the event’s 10-year history, according to organizer Mike Green-Mills.

“This is the most exciting part of Pride,” he said. “This is when we celebrate who God created us to be.”

The majority of the program was devoted to religious leaders, but a pair of politicians also spoke.

“Some people may think it’s strange to be attending an interfaith service during Pride week,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon. “But I also have church-going friends who are asked if they’re OK when they admit that they’re Democrats.

“Equality should not be based on a person’s sexual orientation or political party or anything else, for that matter.”



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