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Interfaith community clean up in Quebec 6 June , 2011

MONTREAL — With the coordinating efforts of the Christian Jewish Dialogue of Montreal, Teva Quebec, the Quebec Jewish Coalition for the Environment and the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism, more than 200 volunteers, including more than 125 members of the Montreal Quebec Mount Royal Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, participated in an Interfaith Day of Eco-Action community clean-up event in Montreal on May 23.

The project, which was done in collaboration with Montreal’s “Ménage Ton Voisinage” program, was an opportunity for community members of various faiths to work together in support of common social action with the intent of expressing a common belief that we are all entrusted with the care of the Earth.

The group cleaned up, picked up trash and removed broken glass from MacKenzie King Park in central Montreal, including a wooded area of the park and the playground areas.



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