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Inter-faith peace pilgrimage planned for ‘holy city’ of Southall 6 June , 2011

An inter-faith reconciliation walk is due to take place on Saturday 11 June 2011 in what is being called by the organisers the ‘holy city’ of Southall, west London.

The 26th Annual Multi-Faith Pilgrimage for Peace is being sponsored by Westminster Interfaith, an agency of the Catholic Diocese of Westminster, which works in cooperation with a range of other religious and civic bodies.

Many religions will be represented in the pilgrimage, which will pass by or enter different places of worship in Southall, including Christian churches, Islamic mosques, Buddhist and Hindu temples, and Sikh gurdwaras.

This year’s pilgrimage is a Peace walk to commemorate the first such event, which was organised by Brother Daniel Faivre, a committed inter-faith worker, in 1986.



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