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Carried by Dialogue from Jerusalem to Gaza 1 June , 2011

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Living in the Middle East, we suffer grievously from conflict and killing, but those who believe in dialogue are optimistic about the opportunities for change, says Rabbi Gideon Sylvester.

Jerusalem – A few weeks ago, I toured British university campuses. Arriving at Oxford Station, I had no idea how to find the synagogue, so I approached a passerby who told me how to get there. As I boarded a bus, the driver cheerfully agreed to inform me when we reached my destination. Twenty minutes later, we arrived in front of a large park and the driver advised me to disembark. “How do I get to the synagogue?” I asked.

“Look, there it is in front of you!” he said, pointing towards the most enormous mosque I had ever seen.

“But I asked for a synagogue, not a mosque!” I pleaded.

The driver shook his head apologetically and said, “I am sorry sir. I didn’t know there was a difference!”



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