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First week of Islamic Culture in Rome 23 May , 2011

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The city of Rome will be hosting a Week of Islamic Culture in Italy between May 23 and 31 with congresses, exhibitions and a collection of films focusing on the Mediterranean area with Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia in the spotlight.

The organisers, ‘Roma Capitale’ and the Islamic Cultural Centre of Italy and the Great Mosque of Rome are calling it “an opportunity to get to know the great civilisation of Islam, to deepen dialogue between peoples and between different religious traditions”.

“I invite all Italian citizens to learn about Islamic culture and to understand it because if we have faith in our own identity, we have the strength to respect the identities of others,” Rome’s Mayor, Gianni Alemanno, noted on presenting the project. “A future of peaceful co-existence is based on understanding other people; it is through exchange that points of contact may be found,” he added.



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