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Kelly: Interfaith exchange 19 May , 2011

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You’ve heard of speed dating, where singles meet new people briefly and then rotate to the next station and the next? At a popular lounge this week in Omaha, with jazz music piped in overhead, there was an unusual variation.

It wasn’t speed dating, but rather speed dialoguing. Yes, it was also face to face, but this event was called “Face to Faith.”

It was another example not only of Omaha’s diversity but also of a growing openness, which bodes well. Participants identified themselves as Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Unitarian, agnostic and atheist.

Organizers say they know of no other cities that have borrowed the speed-dating concept to bring together people of different faiths or of no faith.



One Response to “Kelly: Interfaith exchange”

  1. L. Jessica Devor Says:

    I bet if they/you called it ‘ Speed Faithing it would catch on! What a great idea- I’ll pass it on, thanks!

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