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Interfaith Dialogue a Key to Dignity and Respect 11 May , 2011

After Passover, I took the opportunity to attend the Washington, D.C. Global Forum Conference with the American Jewish Committee (AJC). My rabbinic engagement with AJC has increased during the past several years, and Temple Sholom has also increased our collaborative programming. AJC was established in 1906 by a small group of Jews who were concerned about the rising violence targeting Russian Jews at that time. The AJC determined that the greatest way to protect Jews was to work on the goal of pursuing a world in which all people were granted their divine right for dignity and respect. Subsequently, AJC works tirelessly at combating anti-Semitism, bigotry of any type, and to promote a world which will protect democracy and pluralism, and ensure a safe place for Israel.

Of special interest to me is AJC’s unique leadership in the arena of meaningful and effective interfaith dialogue. AJC is a perfect match to our own “Sholom Center” for Interfaith Learning and Fellowship, and helps our specific efforts take on a regional, national and international flavor.



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