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Enthusiastic Students Joins World Faith YOUPEDA Nigeria 2 May , 2011

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Enthusiastic Students Joins World Faith YOUPEDA Nigeria The Kaduna State University in North West Nigeria welcomed and witnessed the YOUPEDA World Faith mini congress for the first time and for the inaugural interfaith meeting and student’s mini congress held on the 25th day of March 2011. This mini congress launched the interfaith community group in Kaduna state university to maintain interfaith coexistence among the students. The mini congress held targeted two objectives; first it was used to inaugurate the World faith chapter and to educate the students to shun violence, conflicts and religious intolerance during elections and after elections of 2011. Obi Peter, the National Director of World Faith Nigeria stated the objectives and mission of
World Faith and urged enthusiastic students to be peace agents in university community and outside communities at all times; using their active energy and strength to volunteer for peaceful and fundamental co existence of religions in the school and the state; especially during the elections. Some of the outcome of the mini congress includes the official induction of 15 KSU volunteers both male and female, the appointment of Akufai Jonah, George, Bilkisu Yusuf, Hauwa Saliu and others both Muslims and Christian as
key campus overseer volunteers. Every Tuesday of every week were selected as enthusiastic days for meetings and community service contribution by the students. Students were urged to tolerate each others religion and not criticize any one.


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