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What the Convergence of Spring Holidays Can Teach Our Children 27 April , 2011

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I’m often amazed by the convergence of so many important, sacred holidays within the same few weeks of the year. If a being from a peaceful planet came to earth this week and got a bird’s eye view, I wonder what lessons they would take away from this coming together on the calendar? I doubt they’d take sides — as in, “this tradition is good, that one is bunk!” If we hoped they would take away some important lessons from each of the rituals that cause people of diverse convictions to change their routine in honor of something bigger, here are some lessons they might take away:

From Passover (Pesach), the Jewish holiday: The ritual seder dinner involving all the senses serves as a parable for and about children, reliving the Exodus of Moses and his loyal believers, embarking on a journey marked by hardship, but ultimately filled with hope and optimism for a brighter future, toward freedom — from oppression, want and indignity.



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