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Act of Man and act of God 25 April , 2011

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Different events in life occur to different people and different people of different religious backgrounds interpret it differently. Why? Is it because they are both Christians and Muslims? Or some people are better trained and educated than others? Why?  During the recent post-election crises in Nigeria, some people felt they have lost and took to violence, killing innocent people, destroying property, and looting. Are these acts of God or man? Acts of God are peaceful tolerance and dialogue,.  It means embracing peace and protection of ones neighbor. Those who kill in the name of politics cannot claim that is an act or art of God. God wants human beings to live in harmony and understanding despite we all have our tribal, ethnic, language, religious, traditional differences and values with whom we are identified.  Interfaith action is about bringing us all together as one and united entity to reach and promote endowed world peace; where no one kills the other.
In Nigeria, we still have a long way to go in making our leaders not to confuse the illicit act of man to be an act of God; we need to be truthful, as honesty and trust worthy to move the nation forward.  We need the international community to assist and let us all live in peace, harmony, and love to co-exist peacefully.  Therefore, an act of God mean well-being of fellow countrymen and not the killing of each other’s communities.
A Blog Post by World Faith’s National Director of Nigeria, Obi Peter Daniel Onyeigwe


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