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Mixed Baskets Equal Recipe for Shared Holidays 14 April , 2011

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Easter and Passover are both right around the corner. The traditions and methods of celebration for each might be unique, but both share a common theme: food. And while it’s not too complicated to offer gifts of food to families who observe one or the other, what’s a guest to bring a blended family that recognizes both?

Challah Connection, a Westport-based online kosher gourmet gift basket company started in 1994 by Jane Moritz, has developed a solution. “Whether you call a dumpling dim sum, or kreplach or pierogies and whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or other, we come together with family and friends over food,” says Jane. So Jane created an interfaith “Eastover” basket, which includes everything from matzo to jelly beans. It even comes with a Seder plate. According to Jane, the idea was born from customer requests for blended gifts, baskets that can accommodate a family with multiple holiday dietary traditions and restrictions.



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