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Can Religion Be Funny? Getting ‘Funatical’ By Laughing At Differences 11 April , 2011

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A lot of people ask me what it’s like to be a Muslim comedian and if it’s possible to be religious and funny. I believe laughter and prayer helps people heal. Islam is not just something I practice, like working out or something. It’s how I aim to live my life. It makes me a peaceful person, easy-going, positive by nature, loving, caring, forgiving, firm and confident. It has taught me that we are all connected — we are all people, we all want peace, love and respect, we are all one and believe in a common message. We must love each other like we love ourselves. Just as Jesus said, “We even have to love the ones who don’t love us for if we only love the ones who love us, what reward is there in that?”



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