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Lent, a ‘bridge’ for interfaith dialogue in Seoul 5 April , 2011

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Seoul (AsiaNews) – Fr Kim Jeong-nam, the priest of the Ilwon-dong Parish Church (Seoul Archdiocese), has organised a series of lectures to emphasise the importance of the period of Lent and help inter-faith understanding and social awareness in South Korea. The series includes a number of guest speakers from other religions.

“Peace among religions can be obtained only if we walk hand in hand with respect and understanding,” said Mgr Igino Kim Hee-jong, the newly appointed president of the Episcopal Commission for Inter-faith Dialogue and Christian Unity. “It ought not be a silence achieved through force. This is why we must get involved in every initiative to raise awareness and respect for other faiths.”

“A ‘circle of religions’ exists in Korea,” the prelate said. It is “a large group that allows its members to know and meet other men of faith. However, in this circle, there are often clashes caused by lack of knowledge about each other.” Therefore, “We must find ways to meet and share our experiences.”



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