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Prayers for Japan Reflect City’s Diversity 31 March , 2011

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First came the Muslim imam, singing an Arabic prayer in an undulating melody. Next came the rabbi, chanting in Hebrew, followed by the Hindu leader praying in Sanskrit, the Christian in English, the Sikh in Punjabi and the Buddhist in Japanese.

One by one, they stood in the chancel of Riverside Church on the Upper West Side on Sunday evening and beseeched the heavens for support of the victims and survivors of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.

For all the city’s ethnic diversity, there are surprisingly few occasions, outside of subway cars and rush-hour sidewalks, when the population truly blends in a common pursuit. The service on Sunday — called Interfaith Time of Reflection for Japan — was one of those moments.



One Response to “Prayers for Japan Reflect City’s Diversity”

  1. Obi Says:

    diverse faithal togetherness promotes great unity and brotherhood in a great nation such as USA; this is lesson the Africans can learn and build and integral nationhood of everlasting peace, coexistence and love for one another.

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