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Interfaith dialogue is key to strengthening communication 16 March , 2011

Interfaith dialogue can play a key role in strengthening the right to communicate and tackling questions of social justice, General Secretary of the World Association of Christian Communicators (WACC) said on 12 March.

Rev. Karin Achtelstetter was speaking at the 5th Commission meeting of the Interfaith Action for Peace (IFAPA) in Mombasa, Kenya, where representatives of the main faith traditions have gathered to discuss peace and the issues that threaten it.

She said communication for peaceful co-existence supported the emergence of tolerant and well-integrated societies at local, national and global levels.“Peaceful societies are founded on political, economic, social and gender justice.

Faith communities, as well as other civil society organisations and groups are uniquely positioned to advance mutual understanding, peace and justice, and the integrity of creation,’ said Achtelstetter in the presentation titled: Communication for Peace-a Task for Faith Communities. IFAPA is a group that brings together Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’i and the African Traditional Religion (ATR).



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