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Spiritual Expedition: Group Tours World Religion Centers 10 March , 2011

From the white marble of a Hindu temple gleaming in the sunset to the multicolored stained glass glowing in a Catholic cathedral, a San Angelo group saw a full spectrum of faiths in a tour of world religions at Houston this past week.

The whirlwind journey covered seven religions in three days, from March 5 to Monday.

“I think this trip just whetted our appetites,” Becky Benes, the trip organizer and a member of the interfaith San Angelo Peace Ambassadors, said.

At almost each stop the group of more than 20 people — including some from Wall, Houston and Abilene — would pile out of a rented tour bus or their own cars and visit temples, centers and churches for an hour or more, getting a lecture and receiving answers to general questions about the place or religion from a guide at the location.

Then the crew would rush to the next stop, under the overarching guidance of a world-renowned professor of comparative religion, Helen Rose Ebaugh.



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