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Impact of many faiths on everyday life in Ann Arbor 10 March , 2011

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Ten years ago Diana Eck of Harvard University wrote that “the United States has become the most religiously diverse nation on earth.” Like it or not, we are Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Baha’i, Unitarian Universalist, Quaker, Unity and the list goes on…and on.

One of the untold stories of America is that we have always been a land of many religions — Native peoples, Sephardic Jews, Quakers from England, Muslims from Africa during the slave trade, Buddhists/Taoists/Confucians from China and Japan working on the American west coast, Sikhs in central California… just for starters.

With the passing of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act, our diversity multiplied, and we discovered that our neighbors could be of just about any religion on the planet, or of no religion. What has been the impact of all this variety of faiths?



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